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27-Aug-2017 01:52

She seems quite happy with her acting career, which is proceeding quite nicely.Abbey Lee Kershaw (born 12 June 1987), known professionally as Abbey Lee, is an Australian fashion model, actress and musician.This incident, Abbey Lee implies, contributed to her decision to focus on an acting career, or at least helps her dredge up strong emotions for her roles.As often with Abbey Lee, there are people who line up on both sides of this incident, with some saying that the designer was simply trying to create a good (and safe) fashion show, and others claiming that Abbey Lee was being unfairly "singled out" for issues with the footwear that affected all the models.

Within a couple of years, Abbey Lee had signed with Next Management and jetted off for New York.

She appeared in "Mad Max: Fury Road" along with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and also "Gods of Egypt" (2016) starring Gerard Butler (she plays an assassin who arrives on a giant cobra). So, it appears that Abbey Lee will be devoting a good portion of her time to acting in the future, but she still snagged prestigious contracts with Gucci and Versace.

She also does (or did, she appears to have quit) some drumming in an Australian band ("Our Mountain"), and also knows some jujitsu, so she has many outside interests. She remains, though, among the elite in the modelling scene.

As with all supermodels, Abbey Lee's love life receives quite a bit of attention. Most recently, she was said to be dating Matthew Hutchinson of Our Mountain (which is probably why she was playing the drums in it).

Abbey Lee was quoted in Sunday Style magazine as saying she was single, however, stating that she never gets picked up in bars and such: Abbey Lee's (apparent) relationship with Hutchinson has sparked rumors that she may be trying to begin a music career, but nothing has developed in that area so far.A couple of months later, she gained worldwide exposure by walking in the Pink Planet segment of that year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.