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06-Feb-2018 16:59

VOLCANO: I recently caught this on Fox M and you could say it “re-ignited” my passion for Anne Heche.

She’s such a cute little firebrand here, hopping around in and out of Humvee backseats as she points out fault lines and sewer tunnels to Tommy Lee Jones.

Hopefully it’s not too prescient.“We shot this in 2015, and here we are.

The things that [Tukel] wrote that were so outrageous or absurd are not so absurd now,” says Oh.

There’s a tricky tone afoot here: We’re supposed to find this both sad and darkly funny.“The tragedy is the comedy,” Heche explains.

“We’re talking about death and loss and relationships and sorrow, but somehow, because it goes too far, we have to laugh.

But neither one of us hurt the other.”RELATED: Review: Watching Sandra Oh battling Anne Heche in "Catfight" is pure bliss There was another uphill battle to fight, though.“This is a very tiny film,” Oh tells us. It’s not the kind of thing where you say, ‘Oooh, Matt Damon trained for six months to be Jason Bourne, that’s awesome!

’ We did not have that.”“We had our morning coffee and then started punching each other,” Heche adds.

In psychology class we call that “mirroring” — a tactic which includes “antithetical mirroring” wherein you assume a complimentary opposite to the person (if they cross their legs, you might uncross them at the same time, etc.) It’s the opposite of what someone like Nicole Kidman does, which is why they’re so perfect together in BIRTH, or the opposite of what Christopher Walken does, which is why they’re so perfect together in WILD SIDE.

It’s so wrong, but it’s so right.”Then again, both women bring deep feeling to the roles.“There’s a complexity to both of the characters,” Oh says.

“My character is kind of purposeless and unaware and alcoholic.

The whole movie is one long frenzied 9/11-predicting flash of smoke and fire trucks, and she surfs through it like a champ, even covered in soot and dust.

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She cracks that crooked smile and all the urban apocalypse and hellfire seems to vanish in the haze.She transforms herself through her tremendous loss.”Still, Veronica and Ashley aren't that sympathetic.“They’re truly selfish, unaware women who for whatever reason can’t see that. “If they could recognize themselves and be self-reflexive, they wouldn’t be blaming other people for the failures and losses in their lives.”Heche finds this perversely refreshing: “We’re so trained to indulge ourselves and our problems and our issues — to talk about them and think about them and be patient about them, go to therapy. This is two chicks who don’t have it together at all, have gotten old enough that they should have.

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