Bulgaria chat cam

16-Dec-2017 12:52

Andy has put his Bulgarian to good use and has made several appearances on a popular Bulgarian chat show (see him in action here), a guest appearance in a comedy sitcom and various interviews on radio and for newspapers.Far away from his native Wales he loves mountain hiking and tries his best to learn Bulgarian dances - although the biggest compliment from the Bulgarians he has received for his dance efforts so far is 'he's very enthusiastic'. Andy often runs a Free introductory Bulgarian course via Skype Most people starting to learn Bulgarian feel more comfortable having instruction in their native language.This course gives you a good foundation in the Bulgarian language.You will learn how to express yourself in Bulgarian, give opinions, ask questions and be able to communicate in a wide range of everyday situations.

I have taught people from all over the world to speak Bulgarian and like to see that people enjoy the experience of learning.

Iliyana knows just when to push you a little bit harder and when to ease back a little in the lessons which makes for a good learning environment.