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13-Jul-2018 14:33

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Y., witnessed—when given an opportunity, students can, and do, take ownership of their learning.Providing such opportunities, however, can prove challenging for teachers who must also ensure that students meet academic objectives established by their districts or states.For Mary Ellis, the advantages of allowing students to direct their own learning became apparent when, as a student teacher, she visited a 4th grade class to observe an “innovative” teacher.When she walked into the room, she saw students who seemed to be playing with matchbox cars.One teacher planned an activity to help students meet the learner outcomes while also providing for choice.Students were required to independently research topics related to the theme, “Piece by Piece We Build Our Community.” Through their in-depth study, they became experts on their chosen topics and then taught the class what they'd learned.

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Blair students conducted much of the research for Verona, helping her determine what kinds of software and hardware are needed to establish such an extensive network.“To watch a group of 10-year-olds taking responsibility for their learning was profound,” she says.Many teachers are discovering what Ellis, now a 3rd grade teacher at Kent Elementary School in Carmel, N.A teacher who promotes student-directed learning will “allow kids choice within a range of potential objectives,” says Karen Randall, curriculum director at the Expo for Excellence Elementary School in St. “The learning style of the student, coupled with support from a teacher who knows the child, will determine how the student gets to those objectives.” For example, one language arts objective for 2nd graders in the St.

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Paul public school district stipulates that students be able to speak on a variety of topics, to demonstrate reading comprehension skills, and to write and create.

To reach this goal, Verona, who heads up the project, must rely on the enthusiasm and initiative of students eager to explore this new frontier.