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23-Aug-2017 22:08

Several measures are already in place to manage this risk, including the requirement to monitor liver function regularly, and educational materials for healthcare professionals and patients on the risk of liver damage.

However, the fatal case occurred despite compliance with the recommended liver monitoring and with test results that were within the normal range prior to and during treatment.

Only initiate daclizumab in restricted groups of patients with limited treatment options and keep all patients under close liver function monitoring.

Healthcare professionals should review promptly any patients who are currently taking daclizumab to assess whether this medicine continues to be appropriate for them.

Where possible, we link to further information from our website,, or study information elsewhere.

Searching for better treatments, including better management of symptoms and complementary/alternative approaches, for all forms of MS is a high priority for the National MS Society.

Clinical trials help to determine if a treatment or other intervention is safe and effective for people with MS. The Society is currently supporting approximately 30 studies of potential treatments or rehabilitation interventions.Each nerve fibre in the central nervous system is surrounded by a substance called myelin.Myelin helps messages from the brain to travel quickly and smoothly to the rest of the body.These lists are just a sample of what appears on, to give people affected by MS an idea of the latest clinical research in MS.

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These are studies that are ongoing, or recently completed.Well-designed clinical trials are crucial to determine the safety and effectiveness of therapies for MS.

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